Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update - Non Contact Mac Collection
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – We offer a Non-Contact Mac Collection service for repairs and upgrades. We can still diagnose and troubleshoot your Apple Mac issues onsite and if so we always wear masks and social distance to keep everyone safe.

PurpleMac provide our free non-contact doorstep Apple Mac collection and return service so you don’t need to travel out of your home. We send you an email confirming collection as a receipt for you. Packaging is provided for safe transportation of your Mac.

When we take your Mac to our workshop we clean thoroughly with Isopropyl alcohol. Once Mac is repaired the cleaning process is repeated and Mac wrapped. You receive back a fully clean, repaired machine. Non Contact Mac Collection + Non Contact Return.

All technicians have nitrile gloves, alcohol wipes and anti-viral hand sanitiser. PurpleMac use our own keyboards and mice when working on machines. Even though we always distance and use PPE we would ask all clients to inform us if anyone in their household has any symptoms of Coronavirus.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – Remote Support
We also provide Apple Mac remote support so we can troubleshoot your Mac issues without visiting – Click here for more info. As long as your Mac is switched on and you have an internet connection we can securely connect and share your screen.

We send our best wishes to all our customers and hope you are all well. We understand the importance of fully working technology, especially if working from home. If your Apple Mac equipment isn’t functioning correctly please be assured we are here to help.

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