Apple Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many Keyboard shortcuts for Apple Mac OS X, below are some of the more useful ones, all using the Command key (cmd) and various letters which when used in combination can speed up and simplify your Mac OS experience. Press and hold the Command key, then other key as required – see below, then release both keys:

Command-A Select all

Command-B Make text Bold

Command-C Copy

Command-D Duplicate selected item or Bookmark page in Safari

Command-E Eject

Command-F Open Find window

Command-G Find Next or Go To

Command-H Hide current Application

Command-I Get Info

Command-J Show View Options

Command-K Connect to Server

Command-L Make Alias of File or Folder

Command-M Minimize Window

Command-N New Finder Window or New Document

Command-O Open

Command-P Print

Command-Q Quit

Command-R Rotate Image or Reload page in Web Browser

Command-S Save

Command-T New Tab

Command-U Underline Text

Command-V Paste

Command-W Close window

Command-X Cut

Command-Y Quick Look

Command-Z Undo

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