Apple Mac Health Check

One important factor in keeping your Mac working efficiently is regular servicing – just as it is with your car.

We visit your premises to carry out a diagnostic Apple Mac Health Check and Service
Apple Mac Technicians who come to you

Our Mac Health Check includes:

Mac Diagnostic Testing
Apple Mac System Optimisation
macOS Security Check & Malware Removal
Specialist Apple Mac Advice and Consultation

Even though Apple Computers are very secure our check will make sure your Mac data is safe and Malware free

No Callout Fee – Fixed Price visits from Just £55

As well as checking the Apple System Software on your Mac we also check your Hardware, we boot from an external Hard Drive pre-loaded with macOS and Utilities so we can run full diagnostics and test for any faults.

As part of our visit we will also advise on any possible upgrades:

Maybe you want to upgrade your Operating System and you are not sure if your Mac has a fast enough Hard Drive, enough RAM or if your existing Applications are compatible. Maybe your hard drive is becoming full and you want to replace it with a larger capacity model – We will be happy to answer your questions and can quote onsite for available Mac upgrades.

If your Mac is slow and you have the annoying spinning beach ball then we have the solution, you don’t need a new Mac, just an upgrade – Please see below:

Slow Apple Mac Fix

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