Slow Apple Mac FixSlow Apple Mac?
We have the Fix – Our Mac Upgrades

If your Apple Mac Computer is running slow our SSD upgrades and System Optimisation will significantly speed up your machine. No need to buy a new Mac as we have the slow Mac fix, we can upgrade the Hard Drive and guarantee you a faster Mac with a powerful performance boost.

“Why is my Mac so slow?” is a very common enquiry. You can say goodbye to your frustrating slow loading iMac. Our Mac upgrade service will make your Apple computer better than new.

A lot of the recent generation of desktop iMacs up to and including 2018 and 2019 models came with the standard spinning Hard Drive resulting in sluggish performance. This slowness is especially noticeable when running the latest macOS Big Sur or after a System update to Mojave or Catalina. If your iMac is running slow we can replace the HD and fix the speed issue with your Mac.

All upgrades come with a Three Year Warranty on parts, full Data Migration* and 24 hour turnaround. We also offer a free collection and return service.

* Full Data Transfer is not always possible if Hard Drive is failing.
Please make sure you have a Time Machine backup of your Mac.

We provide our Apple Mac upgrades to clients across Sussex & Surrey. We can give you an onsite demonstration to show you how much faster your Mac can be before you go ahead.

Please contact us with your Mac details and we will get back to you with upgrade options.

Troubleshooting Mac Performance

Troubleshoot Slow Mac

Before contacting us you can check that your Mac is not being slowed down by a high load process in Activity Monitor – Activity Monitor is located in the Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder. Sometimes an Application or task is using a high percentage in the CPU section – If so try and quit the process.

Also check how many Applications you have open and quit any not in use. Also try restarting your Mac as this can help if Memory (RAM) usage is high.

If only your internet connection is slow on your Mac this is probably just an issue with your Internet Service Provider or available speed in your area but we can troubleshoot this as well to determine why.

We take bank transfers and the following methods of payment:

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